Lentas: a small village that is situated in the south coast of the prefecture of Heraklion,  Crete. It is known as a peaceful place for its visitors, with a wild scenery and its healing waters. Lentas is permanently inhabited for over 5.000 years and there are archaeological signs and traces of that era, dating from the neolithic age. During the Hellenistic and Roman era, it was used as a harbor of ancient Gortys. 
Also in the 4th century B.C. a sacred temple of Asclepius was built there, according to the rules and the rituals that the central temple of Epidavros had imposed. In the temple of Asclepius, there was a statue of Asclepius, responsible for the healing of diseases and a statue of Ygeia, who was said to be his daughter: she ensured the preservation of good health as well as the prevention from diseases. Ygeia was considered as the goddess of whatever was believed to be pure.

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