Once upon a time, the queen of Egypt traveled to the south coast of Crete, because she wanted to go on a tour round the island, setting off from that side, as she had been told that it was beautiful. So, she firstly arrived to a small picturesque harbor of the south-coastal area, known for its healing waters, the Apollon temple, as well as for the temple of the  famous doctor of antiquity ,Asclepius. 
The Egyptian queen always used to carry two guards with her during her journeys: a male and a female lion, just for her protection. But it is said that for this specific tour in Crete, she would take with her only the female one, due to the rumors that the islanders were friendly and hospitable. As a consequence  she would leave the male one in the small harbor and before she left for home, she would take it again with her to Egypt. So, as the male lion was waiting for his mistress for several days, it became the guard of that small village. But day after day , the lion was standing still, up to the moment that it became a big rock. 

Even nowadays, that rock is still standing there and is protecting the village from strong winds. The inhabitants of the village, in the honor of that strange lion, they called the region Lentas and up to date this name has remained.

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