I invite you to this small, but so extraordinary place in order to make a gift to yourselves: 5 relaxing and full of euphoria days. 
The program includes:
  • Morning contemplation in the temple of Asclepius.
  • Mild exercises on the beach that activate body and mind.
  • Afternoon walks to nearby beaches in order to get to know better the surrounding area.
  • Seminars related to ways of improvement of yourselves, in order to appreciate and love yourselves, to forgive, to cherish the moment. These seminars can also teach the understanding of spiritual evolution of humans and how each one of us can develop his spiritual skills.
  • Lessons on how to make hand made soap and how to plant herbs.

Extra activities: Reiki treatments (see more) , Matrix treatments (see more) and scuba diving.

During the day, there will be plenty of time at your disposal.
For additional days, prior arrangement is required. 
The program is offered in Greek and English.
Program Dates: 
  • from 6-5-2013 to 11-5-2013
  • from 13-5-2013 to 18-5-2013
  • from 20-5-2013 to 25-5-2013
  • from 27-5-2013 to  1-6-2013
  • from 3-6-2013 to 8-6-2013
  • from 3-6-2013 to 8-6-2013
  • from 10-6-2013 to 15-6-2013
  • from 17-6-2013 to 22-6-2013
  • from 24-6-2013 to 29-6-2013
  • from 8-7-2013 to 13-7-2013
  • from 22-7-2013 to 27-7-2013
  • from 26-8-2013 to 31-8-2013
  • from 9-9-2013 to 14-9-2013
  • from 16-9-2013 to 21-9-2013
  • from 23-9-2013 to 28-9-2013
  • from 30-9-2013 to 5-10-2013
  • from 7-10-2013 to 12-10-2013
  • from 14-10-2013 to 19-10-2013
  • from 21-10-2013 to 26-10-2013

Select the date that suits you best and make your reservation by e-mail to:

And… do not forget that in the rough path of the development, people need spiritual contemplation and euphoria in order to be helped with their inner balance and harmony in the future. Also, do not forget that the healing power lies in nature and in the whole universe. It is also found in the inner part of the human soul waiting for its awakening. 

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